Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Gold Coast Holiday

I'm staying at the gold coast at Burleigh Heads for a week from Friday to Friday. Recently they have done some renovating and are still finishing some stuff off but they have almost finished the pool, soon they're adding a small water park in as well.

I have a lovely view from my apartment, I can see the pool, the BBQ area and the beach, this morning I went to the beach and it was covered in shells, there was a bit of a current and perfect waves. There are 3 pools: 1 outside, 1 inside and 1 inside spa. inside there is a gym, a sauna and a steam room.

Monday, 28 October 2013


I came out of the kitchen, and guess what I found.......

A little puppy dog, but all that was visible was her little cute puppy head, she was covered in pillows and blankets, so obviously someone had put her there, but she was just lying down happily having a little snooze. 

Hello Foxy

I got this idea from Amusing Michelle.

When I saw Michelle practicing this little fox I thought that it was the cutest stamp I had ever seen! So I decided to make a card with this little guy.

I used the Crushed Olive distress pen to do the grass, on top of watercolour card stock that I then stuck on top of normal card stock.

Don't you think he's cute?!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Happy Birthday Bear

It was my dads birthday yesterday and yesterday I had also bought some new stamps from kiki k, so I thought, why not try them out. The bear stamp was so adorable I couldn't resist using it, so I used some distress markers and coloured this little bear in!

I attempted to do some shading when I was practicing but it didn't really do much so I didn't shade on the card.

The other things that came with this bear were a hello stamp and some aqua coloured ink.(It looks green in the photo but it is aqua.)

Saturday, 28 September 2013


I wanted to give zentangling a go so I found a blog all about zentangling. (a little lime) I found all of them very frustrating, but then I found one that didn't take me 20 times to get right (it only took me 3), it was called 'bloom' and so I gave it a go, it's not too bad just a few mistakes, but anyway here's my attempt!

If any of you were wondering, I do have pets.
I have a crazy but cute spoodle called Coco, a Siamese fighting fish called Bubbles and a budgie called Sunny.

 This is Coco



Today I made a happy birthday card using the happy hexagon set and the think big favourites #12.

I started with the hexagons and used cameo coral and then I stamped the happy birthday in momento tuxedo black and finally I put three silver rhinestones over the smudges I made while I was making the card.

Someone else I know has been busy today as well, my 6 year old sister decided that she would get creative as well! You may not be able to tell but there are sparkles on some bits of the flower. So this is her idea completely, no help at all (apart from folding the card), she stamped. 

Butterfly Hello Card

Hi there,

Yesterday evening I sat down and played with some art/stamping techniques and I liked the way it looked so  I decided to make a card with this watercolour technique.
I used a butterfly stamp and a hello dye cut, I used two distress inks-Broken China and Crushed Olive- by Tim Holtz. I also added sparkles to the hello and the butterflies, but it's hard to capture with the camera.

I stamped both butterflies first with broken china onto watercolour paper and then I used a water pen to colour the butterfly, Then to only one butterfly I used crushed olive around the edges and blended it in with the water pen and finally used the tiniest amount of sparkles to go over the top. I stuck the water colour paper onto the cardstock and it was done.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Spice Seasoning

This is an original seasoning that I made with a friend and now at home it tastes really good and you don't need much to make it. I have been trying to upload a video but it hasn't been working I will post it as soon as possible.

You can use this on meats and potato chips and other things like that.

all you need for this recipe is, salt, 
Black pepper, 
Ground hot chillies, 
Oregano leaves, 
Ground ginger,
Ground cumin seeds.

I'm Olivia

Hi guys,

I just thought I'd introduce myself on my first blog post.

My name is Olivia and I have a sister a mum and a dad, all of which are loving and caring.
I enjoy reading, watching movies, swimming, playing violin, art, cooking and photography.

On my blog you will see some posts on cooking, art and just photography.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog,